A space for smaller thoughts.

11.26.22 - Algorithm Conundrum
It is odd how social media sites moved away from the more natural method of linking content by individual referrals or recommendations in favor of 'algorithms'. Referrals are a much more natural and consistent way of finding content that people enjoy. 'If you like what I'm doing here then you'll probably also like...' etc. The natural step here is to say that this change was imposed by impersonal profit-maximizing forces/the corporatisation of netspace, but while that's probably true, I'm not sure exactly how this is beneficial for them either. I imagine the average amount of time users spent on their sites would go up if they liked the content more which is better for ad revenue, etc. So I'm just confused.

11.24.22 - Previously:
There is no pedestal. The best philosophers and theorists of any period are always subject to bias from developments of their time, and not having the benefit of scientific knowledge discovered after their publication, of course. Artistic and philosophical movements are often inspired by breakthroughs in other fields. It's always the job of the newer generation to build on the previous, and to dig down and throw out something when necessary.

11.2.21 - The Trouble with Getting Started
I've always been a procrastinator. The stupidest part is that once I eventually get around to starting, the work itself is usually enjoyable. So why is it such a painful process to sit down and just work!? I'm pretty sure the issue is that I'm quite good at getting preoccupied with minutiae and overthinking. I'm pretty sure I also fall into the fallacy that I'll feel like doing something more later, so I should just wait until then. It almost never happens of course.

The solution is probably to sit down for five minutes and work at it. And I can stop if I want once five minutes are up. This also covers the event where the task itself would take less than five minutes, in which case I should just do it. I've just been meaning to get around to start using this...